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About Flash Magazine Software

1. "Class Not Registered Error" while using Flash Magazine programs?

2. How can I make books play on iPad?

3. Can I use Mac version program to create books to send to PC users?

4. How to share my created flip books online?

5. How to generate audio narration for flipbook with magazine maker?


PDF to Flash Magazine

1. How Can Users Insert Background Music in Flash Books?

2. How to Manage Buttons on Animate Flash Books?

3. How Can Users Change Page Size for Flash Books?

4. How Can I Print Pages of Flash books?

5. How to Insert Logo in PDF to Flash Magazines?

6. How Can I Change the Bar Color for Flipping Books?

7. How Can Users Change the Background of Flipbooks with Image?

8. How to Auto Flip Pages in Flipping Ebooks?

9. How Can Users Set the Flipbooks Page Shadow

10. How Can Users Share Flash books via Email?

11. How to Add Watermark to Flipbooks?

12. How Can Users Share Flash books via Facebook?

13. How to Select Languages for the Flipping page Books?

14. How to insert links in PDF to Flash Magazine?

15. How to Choose Right to Left Read the Flipbooks?

16. How to Let the Flipping Books Burn on CD?

17. How to Embed the Google Analytics Account in Flip Books?

18. How to Detect Wide Pages in Flippage Converter?

19. How to Set Importing Page Quality of Original Flipping Book Files?

20. Why We Output ZIP Format Flipbooks?

21. How to Set Importing Page Range in Turning Page Software?

22. How Can Enable Search for Users of Flippage Books?

23. How Can Users Change Icon Colors in Flipping Books?

24. May Users Import PDF, Office and RTF Files to Flipping Page Software?

25. May Users Import Links in Original Files to Flipping Page Maker?

26. May PDF Files Be Batch Converted to Flip Books?

27. May the Scene Flash Be Used as Background of Flipping Book?

28. Is It Possible for Users to Download the Flipbook?

29. How to Change Page Thickness for Flipbook?

30. How Can Change the Preloader Image of Flipping Book?

31. How to Convert Flash Books for Mobile from Flipping Software?

32. What about Share Flipping Books to Social Network?

33. How to Insert Movie into Flipping Books?

34. How to Change Background Color in the Page Turning Books?

35. Where Can Users Alter the Flipping Speed in Page Flip Books?

36. How to Preview Flippage Books with Thumbnail?

37. How to Batch Convert Files into One Flipbook?

38. Where Can Add the Sound Player to Flipbook?

39. How to Have Flipping Book Online?

40. How Can Users Add Hard Cover to Flipbooks?



PDF to Flash Magazine Pro

1. How to add sound on the specific page of my e-magazine?

2. Can I transfer the default logo into my company logo for my computer magazines?

3. Can my flash flipbooks transfer to full screen mode?

4. How to choose a favorite template for my digital catalog?

5. How to save the template setting for cycle use?

6. Is it possible to play flash magazines on mobile phones?

7. Can I customize the page ranges when I import the PDF files?

8. Is it possible to print pages of my e-magazines?

9. How can I send my finished e-magazines to others via email?

10. Hide the toolbar for the flash page magazine

11. Enable my flash magazine to be printed.

12. How to import an existing template into flip books?

13. How to use the Search function of the PDF to Flash Magazine Professional?

14. How to add a logo for my flip books?

15. I can’t find the book title in the flash window.

16. Add a Home Button for returning to flip books home page conveniently.

17. How to embed a YouTobe video into flip books?

18. Add a about button into flash flip book to show readers my company information.

19. Can I set a password for the flipping book?

20. Can I transfer the background image for my pdf to flash book?

21. Why the sound file is not available after I embed it into my flash flip book?

22. How to add an image with a link into flip books?

23. A quick way to add a hyperlink into flipping book.

24. Can I add a SWF file into flip pdf?

25. How to add sound in specific page with a play button?

26. Add a flash effect and apply it to all the pages in a quick way.

27. Add a URL to the flipping book logo.

28. How to find a setting bar in the Design Setting panel quickly?

29. How to make the flipping book a 3D effect?

30. Why can’t I find the flipping book title bar in the design setting panel?

31. How to change the language of the flash window toolbar?

32. Download the flipping book directly in the flash window.

33. How to make a hard cover effect for flip pages?

34. How to slow down the flipping time of the flash pages?

35. Can I merge several PDF files to one flash flipping book?

36. How to add a FLV movie into the flash page flip book?

37. How can I apply the zoom feature to my flip pdf?

38. Can I set a book title for my flipping book?

39. To save the current settings as a project for re-designing the flipping book easily later.

40. Why the links are not available after the flipping book zooms in?

41. How do I know the online page viewers of my flash magazine?

42. Can I remove the template I have imported into the flash magazine maker?

43. How to add a photo slideshow into my flash magazine?

44. Batch convert PDF files to flash magazines.

45. How to put links to watermarks of flash magazine?

46. Use templates to make attractive flip books quickly.

47. Show information about the flash magazine with a help button.

48. Show the help content at first as an advertisement for the flash magazine.

49. How to self define content of “About” button for the flash magazine?

50. How to make the flash magazine an animated flash background?

51. Can I adjust the output quality for the flipping book?

52. How to define the zoom limits for the flash magazine?

53. Can I save the flipping book in Neat template as a project?

54. How to make the flipping book a pure color background?

55. How to design a gradient color background for flash magazine?

56. Is it possible to set my company name as the flipping book title?

57. Can I only set watermarks for even pages for flip books?

58. A quick way to flip the flash magazine to a specific page.

59. Can I only set password for some pages of my flip books?

60. How to make readers download the flip books conveniently?

61. Which template enables me to add a title for the flipping book?

62. Apply multimedia object to all the flipping pages in a quick way.

63. Add printable area for printing the flipping book easily.

64. How to upload the flash magazine to the FlipBuilder server?

65. Can I undo and redo operations when edit the flash magazine?

66. Can I add a button which directs to specific flash page?

67. Do you want to retain your flipping book to center or not?

68. Can I insert or delete pages when design flash magazine?

69. How to reorder pages for my flash flipping book?

70. How to design the flash flip book toolbar?

71. Can I control the output quality of flipping book in mobile version?

72. How to change the color of search result for flip book?

73. How to find flip book setting option in a second?

74. How do I paste a link to all flash magazine pages quickly?

75. How to enable iPhone users to browse your flash flip magazine?

76. Can I select a template for flash magazine in mobile version?

77. How to build digital bookmarks for flipping book?

78. How can I export the flash e-magazine bookmark?

79. How to make the flash magazine thumbnails show initially?

80. How to make the flip book bookmark always show in the left?

81. Steps to define thumbnail background color for flip books.

82. How to set detailed properties of links for flip books?

83. Is it possible to insert MP4 file into flip books?

84. Is there any skill to zoom in flip books when editing it?

85. Can I integrate Google Analysis ID into my flip books?

86. Can I convert only partial PDF to flash magazine?

87. How to allow readers share flip books on main social platform?

88. How to allow readers email flash magazine link quickly?

89. How to provide a quick way for sharing flip books on Facebook or Twitter?

90. How can I add page into pdf before converting to flash magazine?

91. How to delete the flip books themes I do not need?

92. Which flash template style would show flip books thickness?

93. How to undo all settings for flip books in magazine maker?

94. How to choose the right action type for added button for flip books?

95. How to do html Meta settings for online flash magazine in magazine maker?

96. How to install online templates of flipbook creator for flip books?

97. How to edit flip books with text?

98. Can I select a player skin for audio file in flip books?

99. Can I delete the flip books I have uploaded onto server?

100. How to apply animated scenes to background of flip books?

101. Which output type is best for emailing flash magazine?

102. How to allow tablet devices access to online flash magazine?

103. How to highlight targeted area in flash e-magazine?

104. Can I edit flash magazine with dynamic text?

105. Can I integrate two PDF files into one flash magazine?

106. How to remove the background scene from my flip books?

107. How to create a catalog for PDF flash magazine?

108. Can I remove the audio assistant from my flash magazine?

109. How to make a beautiful voice for my flash magazine?



Flash Shopping Catalog

1. What’re the simplified steps to make a digital flash catalog?

2. Which output type should choose for loading flash catalog online?

3. How to insert link with flash shopping catalog software?

4. How to enable customer to share shopping catalog on Facebook?

5. Can I integrate Google analytics into online flash catalog?

6. Is there a quick way to edit price flash shopping cart?

7. How to add text button to online flash catalog with simple steps?

8. How to make flash shopping catalog searchable?

9. How to insert software’s own button into flash catalog quickly?

10. Which template allows book logo in flash shopping catalog?

11. How to publish flash shopping catalog online?

12. How to allow mobile users accessing to my flash shopping catalog?

13. How to add bookmark to digital flash shopping catalog?

14. Can I edit the flash page with flash shopping catalog maker?

15. How to delete or add pages for flash shopping catalog?

16. Can I insert background music into my flash shopping catalog?

17. How to burn the flash shopping catalog into a CD?

18. Which software is suitable for online store owner?



Album to Flash Magazine

1. How to create a cool flash flip album?

2. Can I import my own background into the flip album?

3. How to set page size for my flash page album?

4. Does the flash album maker allow adding text annotation?

5. Can I import photo frames into digital album maker?

6. How to import clipart for flash album designing?

7. How to make album flip books hard cover edition?

8. Can I publish the created flash page album online?

9. How to import free themes for flash album?

10. Can I embed background music into flash album?