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12. How to allow mobile users accessing to my flash shopping catalog?

It is a fashion to do shopping online nowadays. And more and more people are trying to do shopping with mobile devices. So when creating a flash shopping catalog, some publishers may want to create a mobile version too. Then customer can access to the catalog on iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. If you are using the Flash Shopping Catalog, the mobile version can be created very easy.

Step1: design flash catalog with Flash Shopping Catalog;
Step2: click “Converting To Flipping Book” when you have finished the designing;


Converting To Flipping Book

Step3: select an output type for your book, and select “Also Make Mobile Version” option. This option is only available for html and zip output types;


Also Make Mobile Version

Step4: when you have finished the others settings, you can click the convert button to start conversion. You can get a folder names “mobile” in the output folder. Just upload the whole output folder online to ensure that mobile users can read your catalog too.


Output folder


*Please be aware that you have to click “Apply Changes” to apply any changes to the flash book.


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