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CHM to Flash Magazine

Special software to convert CHM to page-flipping E-publication!

CHM to Flash Magazine, Especially design for HTML Help CHM documents. It’s very easy-to-use to create digital flipping magazine from Microsoft CHM documents. As a HTML Help CHM processor, It can preserve all the contents like images, hyperlinks and all the original layout in HTML Help CHM document. Quick edit the HTML Help CHM document in Flash Magazine for CHM, then share it with you friends via Emails, FaceBook, Twitter, Google, etc. Beside, CHM to Flash Magazine also offer many amazing perloader themes to choose for your flash flipping book to beauty it. In a word, this CHM to Flash software is the first choice to create flash flipping magazine.
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Flash Player 10.0+

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1. Unique software


CHM to Flash Magazine is a unique software that could help you deal with a lots of Microsoft CHM documents, convert it to be amazing digital flash magazines which can be support by mobile device. We said we’re unique because there is no one designing the software that especially for CHM files, convert to the digital magazine in the market. If you find the similar one, they must fake goods. You know some country very good at that!


2. Cheap price without any loss save_money_for_you


Wish using CHM to Flash Magazine, you could make it to be a CHM converter, a good presentation builder, a moviemaker, or even a Flash MTV integrator. Besides Flash Player needed, PDF to Flash Magazine Pro is independent software without any other third-party program required. You can save a larger amount of money if choose the Professional program. Compare with other major competitors, it's cheaper 28%, and with absolutely no loss of service or quality.


3. Powerful function


Enable you insert hyperlink and soft sounds as background music to promote you magazine with CHM to Flash Magazine, it also let you change background image with inner and outer, design most suitable for you magazine’s size, color. Provide useful button like zoom in/out, Full screen, single/double page model for reader magazine smoothly. And the function of share and social share, let you share your amazing digital flash magazine with your friends and follows via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc social website. Anyway, if you use it, you will find it is very powerful.

4. No Extra FeeHumanized customer service


With CHM to Flash Magazine, we can assure you there is no hidden cost ,no extra charge, it is 100% transparency. We means what we say, the price is always fine and simple. All prices and terms are displayed clearly and are readily available on our website. Once purchase, don't need other extra fee. If you find our worker ask you pay without any reasons, please contact us.

5. Before-You-Buy editio


If you not sure about the software is what you are looking for, we are also provide free trial for your use. The function of free trial was same as original edition. Download the free trial to enjoy convert trip. But be attention that the free trial is just have one chance to convert CHM document to digital flash magazine. If you want convert more, please download PAY edition.

6. Humanistic service

Friendly Customer Service

Have a question that’s not been solved? Need a technical service recommendation or just somebody stand by? Maybe you just have some questions about the different plans we offer. Our friendly customer service representatives are available at the normal working time. just sent you message to [email protected] help you solve any problem about software

7. 30 day money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Have no confidence to buy products on the Internet for bad purchasing experience? You can trust us, besides trial version totally free, we also offer 30 Day Money Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the software in future, you can get you full money back by sending us your request and Order detail.



8. Update Any Time That You Want



As our product continuously updates, your version might fall behind. But don't worry, you can download the latest version of the software from the at any time, update painlessly, trouble free and with no disruptive downtime.




CHM to Flash Magazine is more powerful program for you to make more attactive and amazing Flash magazines. You will easy handle and use the wonderful features below:


1. Easy operate


It is very easy to converter you ordinary CHM to stunning flash magazine instantly. Import Microsoft CHM document→Edit Microsoft CHM document→Digital Flash Magazine. You don’t have to learn more about program knowledge, just three steps, you can create amazing magazine by your choice.

2. Book Bar Settings

settingUse Book Bar Setting enable you design the flash magazine and help you control the flash magazine title, proportions, page shadow and background config of the flash magazine. You can add any title and change the magazine margin, background color as you want.

3. Tool bar Settings

Tool bar SettingsHelping to control the magazine’s tool bar like zoom config, download setting, share button , home button and Auto Flip. Enable you manager the authority of flash magazine, let you readers to print, download depends on how much tighten you want to control.

4. Sound Settings

book-seetingSound Settings help you to manager magazine background music, play or display sound, and add the soft background sounds in stunning digital flash magazine


5. Insert Web Link, Page Link, and Email Link into pages

Insert Web Link, Page Link, and Email Link

You can add different types links into pages, no matter external or internal links, even emails links, just set the type as "mailto:[email protected]". This function is very useful to connect the book content with your website, product order pages, related information pages and so on.

6. Email and Social Share Function

Email Share/Social Share

With Email and Social share button enbed in Flash Magazine for CHM, anybody who read your books online can easy connect Email account and social network to share your magazines with their friends or clients, via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo,, Digg, etc.

7. Mobile Devices Support

Mobile Devices Support

Allow your amazing digital flash magazines to be accessed through the mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, android, etc.) without the extra expense of an app. Let you readers enjoy the reality flipping magazine feeling when he/her drag the magazine page corner at the phone.

8. Various Templates for Choice

photo_settingsIn CHM to Flash Magazine, you can either choose template from default integrated samples, or download more published templates from our website. Each template offers a set of pre-designed themes for you use. And more free themes will be published online weekly, you can choose your liked ones to build more elegant and quality digital publications.

9. Bookmark and Full Text Search


With convenient function of page index book mark in Flash Magazine for CHM, Readers can navigate quickly to any page within your publication using bookmark in magazine. In full text search, the Search engine examines all of the words in CHM document as it tries to match you search criteria. As a result readers can easily find content within the pages of your digital flash magazine by searching for relevant terms.

10. Flexible Exports


There have many types for your choice in CHM to Flash Magazine:
*.html allows you to upload online or just view offline; *.zip is easy to send by email;
*.exe is single executable file for you to run on PC individually;

11. Google analytics integrated

Google analytics integrated

Google analytics integrated is the upstage application that gives you the ability to track you readers. Every “move” on magazine that make by your readers, it will be recorder and analysis. For another, Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track everything within the publications.

12.Language Switchable

Language Switchable

You can set language for showing tools or tips in your created page-flipping flash magazine while using the software. And to make your book more flexible and internationally, you can use two or more kinds of language in your books by checking the Language Switchable option.