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16. Can I insert background music into my flash shopping catalog?

Flash shopping catalog will be published online and viewed by many people. We try our best to design special appearance for it to catch eyes. But some people may also want to insert a piece of music into it to make a relaxed atmosphere. will be much perfect if the flash shopping catalog can bring both visual enjoyment and auditory enjoyment. You can insert background music and define its play count by yourself.


Step1: launch the flash magazine maker, Flash Shopping Catalog;
Step2: find the “Sound” setting items in the left panel;
Step3: make “Enable Sound” bar “Enable”; import a sound file in the “Sound File” bar; define the “Sound Loops”, set -1 to play background music all the time, set N(N>0) to play N times then stop;
Step4: apply change to save the settings; there will be a Sound on/off button in the toolbar, just click this button to turn on/off the background music.


Background music






*Please be aware that you have to click “Apply Changes” to apply any changes to the flash book.


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