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62. Apply multimedia object to all the flipping pages in a quick way.

Q: We always like to add some multimedia objects such as sound, movie, video and flash into the flipping page to enrich flash magazine. There should be some tools to edit these objects quickly and conveniently. For example, tool to copy and paste is necessary.


A: Well, there are there functions provided with the magazine maker. They are only provided with the professional product.


Take an example that you want to apply a sound file to all the flash pages.
Step1: open the PDF to Flash Magazine Professional and import your PDF file. Click “Edit Pages” to get into the Flip Page Editor;


click "Edit Pages"

Step2: click “Add Sound” and insert a piece of music into the first page;


Add a sound file into flipping page

Step3: click the sound object to choose it and then click the Copy/Paste button in the toolbar. Make sure that you have chosen “All Pages” as the Page Range.


copy/paste the sound object


You can click OK to finish the pasting at last. You can find that there is a sound object in the same location on each page of your book.








*Please be aware that you have to click “Apply Changes” to apply any changes to the flash book.


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