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30. Why can’t I find the flipping book title bar in the design setting panel?

Q:I have a question about the PDF to Flash Magazine Professional here. It is about the book title. I remember that I have ever used the book title feature to add a book title for the flipping book. But now, I can’t find it anyway. How can I solve this problem?


A: Well, you should know that each style of the templates has its own style design settings. Then the book title feature is designed for the Float style template in the newest version. So you just need to change to the Float template at first.


Step1: click the template style in the “Templates” tab to select a template.



Step2: click the “Float”, choose one pre-designed template, such as “Blue”, and then click “OK” to finish the change.



Step3: find the “Book Title” bar and fill in a new title for your book. Apply the change to show the title in the top of the flash window.



*Please be aware that you have to click “Apply Changes” to apply any changes to the flash book.


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