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Free Digital Pages Generator

Smart txt files to flipping digital pages conversion

  • Generate online digital pages from txt files;
  • Able to design, export, and import templates;
  • Complete the conversion in three simple steps: import, design, and export;
  • Suitable for both commercial use and individual use;
  • It is concise, visual, and functional.




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  • Why Use?

The digital pages generator is totally free for you to download. It is powerful, economic, and operational. It is so small that it will not spend you a lot of time to download, and will not occupy much space in your computer. It is suitable for all the txt files. If your documents are not txt format, you can transfer them to txt file at first by using professional tools. Of course you can also transfer them by simple copy and paste steps if the amount of your files is not so large. But believing that txt file is still commonly used today. So you don’t need to worry about the generator’s practical applicability. It is useful to both individual and company. It is able generates interactive page turning eBooks rapidly. You can design templates according to your favorites or import free themes from outside. We not only provide you free practical software, but also provide free beautiful themes. You can download some that you like from our free templates page at the same time.



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