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Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text

Very easy-to-use freeware to convert PDF to Text!

Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text is very easy-to-use freeware that you never meet before! It’s have a easy-to-understand operate interface, just drag the PDF files to the file list which you want to convert into PDF file and click the “extract text” button, then you can convert to Text files. In the converting process, you can choice any page form the PDF documents and load the same quality with the original PDF files.




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Flash Player 10.0+

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Do you know many devices includes all level of mobiles devices all support TXT format but not all support PDF ? With Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text, enable you to convert normal PDF file to become Text, and let you reading text magazine, book on mobile device. This is you first choice when you want to convert PDF to text

1.Very easy to convert PDF to text


powersoftwareFlash Magazine Free PDF to Text - an easy-to-use software for converting PDF into the plain text format. The software supports all Adobe PDF modifications. The converter retains the layout and text of the original PDF file. You do not need any special skills to operate the software. Just drag and drop the document you want to convert to the main PDF to Text window and click “Extract Text” button.


2.Preserve Original Layout


With Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text, It has the exact layout and formatting that enables you convert PDF to TEXT preserving original layout, it also can auto-recognize the rotated pages and save results optimized for convenient reading and editing. In other words, you needn’t re-edit the text layout and content, it will both save you money and time!

3. Wonderful Technical Support



We have a team of best-in-class industry-certified software development professionals, which includes project managers, software engineers, testers and designers who can adapt to your every need. The use of advanced technologies coupled with our unique capability and innovation helps create quality custom applications and solutions for our clients.




4. 100% Freeware100%-free



Have you ever wanted to make your standard PDFs editable with totally free software? With Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text, give you 100% free guarantee commitment to free convert PDF to Text documents which can be readable by Microsoft. No limits, no hidden charge. You can use Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text to convert unlimited PDF files.

5. Update Any Time That You Want


As our product continuously updates, your version might fall behind. But don't worry, you can download the latest version of the software from the at any time, update painlessly, trouble free and with no disruptive downtime.


6. Friendly Customer Service

Friendly Customer Service will provide friendly service for you. If you encounter any problem or have any question, please contact our customer service team. We are here to help you every step of the way. Email support from our in-house team is available to you at the normal working time. Graphical, easy to use handbooks, wizards and video tutorial will guide you effortlessly through creating a great magazine.



Flash Magazine Free PDF to Word is unique software which has many features. It’s total free and provided three special but powerful Convert Mode for you to good convert PDF to word. When in converting process, it will automatically resize the page and download the page layout immediately. Use Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text, you will never feel regret!


1. Select page range


With use Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text you can choice any page as you want. Click “Option” button to select the page load mode as you want, All pages, Odd pages, Even pages, choice page range for various mode for your choice

2. Easy Convert

Convert PDF files to ePub in 3 easy stepsDe you want get the job done in seconds or minutes, or by few mouse click? Flash Magazine free PDF to Text enable you dream come ture, creating Text file in less than 5 minutes, no more than three steps. More fantastic, its needn't any progarm knowledge, you can create text file with easy way.

3. 100% Free

100% Freeware

100% Free is our biggest feature different from others in the market, enable user convert PDF documents to word files for free, no hidden charge, no limit, totally free software.

4. Retain original Page Layout

Retain original Page Layout

Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text dose retain original page layout from PDF documents. It can keep the original skeleton frame and content from the original PDF documents

5. Independent software

Independent software

Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text doesn’t need other Third-party software support and total independent. Or even it’s doesn’t need Adobe Acrobat or free Acrobat Reader software.

6. All Windows Platforms Support

All Windows Platforms Support

Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text supports all windows platforms. In can be running on windows 95, windows 97, windows 2000, windows xp, win7, etc. It has a strong compatibility.

7. Automatically Resize PDF page.

Automatically Resize PDF pageFlash Magazine Free PDF to Text helps you to good control the PDF documents size. When in converting process, it will automatically resize PDF page to fit your requirements.

8. Automatically loaded immediately.

Automatically loaded immediatelyWhen using Flash Magazine Free PDF to Text, the converted files can be automatically loaded immediately after conversion complete. Your needn’t spent few minutes to waiting for the PDF documents download.