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About Flash Magazine Software

Digital Album Creator - Album to Flash Magazine

Album to Flash Magazine is developed for converting album files into real page flipping effect e-magazine, which is best solution to turn album into flash magazine. Users can design attractive 3D flash flip magazine from digital photos. This digital album creator is provided by eMagMaker.

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Marketing Strategies for Digital Flash Magazine

Emagmaker has updated most products these days. Its target is to do best to meet users’ and customers’ requirements. We have embedded more details features into the software, so that users are able to create more professional publications. Marketing strategies may change from time to time.

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CHM to Flash Magazine – Make Help Document a Different Appearance

CHM to Flash Magazine is one of the magazine makers eMagMaker release. It is developed especially for HTML help CHM document. People always need to convert PDF, Word, and PPT to flash magazine. But users might not think that CHM file can be also transferred to digital flash magazine.

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Do You Have Any Idea about Which Magazine Maker is Suitable?

EMagMaker provides a lot of applications for creating online magazines and other e-publications. To choose a right magazine maker, it is important to make it clear what you need. Do you simply want to make your pdf stunning flipping effect or do you want professional solution with video, flash animation, etc?

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Create Flip Books from DjVu Files with DjVu to Flash Magazine

DjVu is one of the file formats for saving books; it is similar to Acrobat PDF. It separates characters from page background, and makes easier to recognize characters and images. What’s more, the technology is able to ensure the quality of images on the background. It enables smaller files and larger space. This makes file quick viewing, transferring, and downloading easier.

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The General Situation of Digital Magazine and Magazine Maker

The demand of digital publication has increased sharply these years. And the whole credit for this increasing demand goes to internet which is now in reach of most the people all over the world. Either young or old, almost everybody is surfing for one or the other thing. A portion of them even spend more than ten hours on the internet every day.

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New Templates have upgraded to Magazine Maker in September

EMagMaker has published all the products and we continue to improve them for regular customers and new users. We summarized all the issues we have received and then come out a better solution. We have paid more attention on marketing research, to discover what users are really in need of. We boldly predicted the trend of the flipbook creator market and technology, and come up with a number of innovation ideas.

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How to make Your Flip Books Readable Online

We create flip books and always plan to upload them online to let people get to it online. Thought there are several output types to choose from, html output type is the most widely used one. Because of that people apply flipbook creator to serve their business. And the fast growing internet has provided a platform for e-business to exit. Enterprises would like to promote products and find customers via internet.

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Design Unique Digital Magazine from Scratch

There is helpful software for making outstanding digital magazine for Internet users. Flip software is able to convert almost all kinds of office files to flash book. Among them, the technology for creating flip book from PDF file is most mature technology. Just design your own PDF file and convert it to fashionable digital magazine in simple way. High efficiency is very important in this fast-spaced world.

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Flip Books bring an Illusion of Reading Real Book

When you read a common digital document, you have to scroll down now and then to get to the next page. Or some people may prefer to read a real book then spend time online searching, as a real book can bring actual joy and excite of reading. Then, a way to solve these two issues perfectly is come out. It is just the flipbook creator, which is the combination of digital format and real book flipping effect.

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