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Insert a YouTobe Video into the Flipping Book with the PDF to Flash Magazine Professional

Have you ever thought of adding a YouTobe video into your flash magazine? You may have created some videos tutorials for users to know your products easily. So it will be perfect if this video can be embedded into the flipping book. To read this blog you will find that making a flash magazine with a video is unbelievably simple, inexpensive, and funny. The PDF to Flash Magazine Professional will allow you to realize this with a few steps!

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Why Insert a Piece of Music into the Flash Magazine

Do you know what a piece of music means to the flash magazine? We always prefer to embed some multimedia objects such as sound, video, and image into our flash publications. As we understand that this is a practical way to enrich the book content and then make a better works for our readers. But you may not really know what kinds of music should you choose and what will it brings to you. To help to make full use of this feature, let’s learn more about it today.

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Neat Template – the Best Flipping Book Template

Are you busy with looking for a stylish template for your flipping book? To decorate the book with a beautiful theme is a practical way to make success. Today, I would like to introduce the Neat Template for you. It is the new template that we embed into the latest version of the PDF to Flash Magazine Professional. No matter what kind of flash magazine maker you may have got, to design template is one of the most important works. An attractive theme can help to make your work catch people’s eyes easier.

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Batch Convert PDF to Flash Magazine

It is very common in today’s business to convert PDF to flash magazine. But no matter small business or large business, make flash flip publication one by one is not a wise choice. To enhance the effective, we provide you the batch convert feature with our PDF to Flash Magazine maker. Both the professional version and the standard version we release have this function.

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Make a Flash Background for Your Flipping Book

We always design template with a beautiful background image. No doubt that it is a practical way to make a good looking appearance. But today, I would like to tell you that there is another way to design a unique theme for flipping book. When you are converting PDF file to flash magazine with the page flip software, you can have a try to insert a flash file which suffixed “.swf” instead of an image. The animated flash makes your book different from the others. It is also much cooler than a static background.

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Action Options of Multimedia Objects in Flash Magazine

When we design flipping book with the PDF to Flash Magazine (Pro), we are allowed to insert some multimedia object such as sound file, videos, and images into the pages. There are many kinds of Action Options for us to choose from. In general, there are an event that fires the related action and an action type for each object. Some people are not clear about the differences among them. Then it is difficult to make a choice. So the blog today will tell you more about it here.

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Add a Proper Amount of Links to Flipping Book

When designing flipping book with the PDF to Flash Magazine Professional, you are able to add links into flip pages freely. A link on page may bring you a great amount of page viewers if your online magazine is popular. Nowadays, almost every website is trying to put its website link on others web pages. It is a practical way to let more people know your company and products. What’s more, it is also a helpful marketing strategy which may bring great profits.

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Read Flip Books on iPhone, iPod, and Android Devices

Nowadays, many websites provide mobile versions for mobile devices users to access into their home pages. As it is a great opportunity for internet industry. So it is the same to flip books publishers. You might plan to upload your works online for more people to get the information.

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Convert Word Document to Flash Magazine

Word document is widely used in modern office, study and business. It is a perfect tool to edit words and images. And we always know that it is common to transfer PDF file to flash magazine. But you might be wondering if it is possible to convert Word files to flash book. The answer is certainly yes.

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Add Printable Areas for Printing the Flash Magazine Conveniently

Flash magazine is popular and we like to read book online with our computer. But sometimes, we still want to print it on papers for some purposes. Print a common book is very easily. However, if you are using the magazine maker, PDF to Flash Magazine (Pro), you can make your choice to allow your readers to print your book or not.

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