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FlipHTML5: A Leading Page Flip Software for Creating HTML5 Publications

Creating digital publications could not be easier now! FlipHTML5 is the leading page flip software, aimed at creating digital publications in stunning HTML5. Whether you are creating a digital magazine, brochure, catalog, or photo album, FlipHTML5 have you covered. You can embed media elements, like text, links, videos and audio, to engage your readers.

Click here, you will see an excellent example of a catalog with multimedia.



page flip software

PDF to HTML5 Publication Conversion

Based on HTML5 technology, the page flip software serves to make eye-pleasing HTML5 publications out of PDF, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Open Office and images. The quick and easy conversion makes it possible for everyone, even without any coding skills, to generate a page flipping publication.

Create Interactive Publications with Rich Media

Interactive publications are a good way to draw people’s attention. FlipHTML5 offers a range of media elements, empowering you to make an interactive flipping publication.

  • Video: Upload your video to FlipHTML5, or embed it from YouTube or Vimeo by simply copying-pasting the ID or the code.
  • Audio: Create a good mood by adding background music.
  • Photo slideshow: Enable you to showcase as many photos as you like in a dynamic way.
  • page flip software
    page flip software

    Flexible Distribution Options

    FlipHTML5 supports flexible distribution formats: HTML5, ZIP, EXE, CD/DVD and Plug-in. The FTP integration makes it easy to upload your HTML5 publication to your own site. Readers anywhere in the world can view your online publication across platforms and devices.

    Integration with Social Networking Platforms

    FlipHTML5’s integration with social networks empowers your online publication to get plenty of exposure to the world. You are free to share your publication with others via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more. This will definitely bring lots of potential customers and traffic to your website, and improve your business as well.

    page flip software