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Applications of flipping book

Flipping book we mean today is not e-book with simple page flip effect. It must be a book of beautiful theme and animated effect. It combines sound file, video, hyperlinks, and images etc. factors. Do you know why we need to convert PDF file, Word file, and PPT file to flash flip book? And do you know what industries the flipping book suit to? I would like to give you some suggestion today. Let’s learn more about flipping book. You might find the reasons why it is so popular.


1. Online e-book publisher

No matter you are magazine publisher, novel publisher, or newspaper publisher, you can transfer your book to flipping book before publishing it online. A flipping book with real page flipping effect to flip automatically is convenient and can catch eyes easier when compared to traditional static e-book. You might also know that e-book becomes popular in decade. Almost everyone has ever read e-book from Internet. Younger even prefers to read on their iPone, iPad, or any other Andiron devices rather than carry a real heavy book. What’s more, PDF to Flash Magazine software is developed application now. You can convert your books in batch reliably and efficiently. What excuse can you find to pass up such great opportunity now?


2. Interior decoration company

You might never thought to show your works to customers with a flipping book. But I have to tell you that to turn your brochure into an attractive flipping book is really a good choice. Your guys have spent much time on drawings and designing modules. You are even marvel on your great works. But you need to show it to your customers. Making a flip book as the brochure to descript your outstanding modules will help to create some great influence. As the flipping book format can give a special closely feeling. It is very important for interior design of house.


3. Supermarket

Many businesses would like to show their products with a product catalog. Actually, flipping magazine can be applied to any kind of companies which produce actual product. You can also find professional Flash Shopping Catalog software to show your products in a list. Don’t you think this is really convenient for you?


4. Advertising company

Advertising company always need to spend most of time doing the designing. Advertisement is in varied forms include intermediary of TV, paper and Internet. It is always designed of video with sound and special effects. Some of them will spend much money t invite a star to become spokesman. Today, I would like to suggest you a practical way to save time and money. Just try to make advertisement of a flipping book. You will receive great success that you might never imagine.


That’s all today. We will continue to study more about this topic in the future. Let us learn from each other in this website from now on! Thank you for your reading.




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